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Korea Nano-tronics (코리아 나노트로닉스)

Korea Nano-tronics (코리아 나노트로닉스)

KOREA NANOTRONICS is Leading Flexible Nano-Semiconductor and Displays device's Reseacher and manufacturer based on its advanc ed nanomaterials for magnetics, optic & plasmonics property by nanofabrication, nano-processing & nano-manufacturing. Dep't Se miconducter & Transister nanostructured multi-layer Transparent Flaxible Graphene & CNT films for nanoelectronic applications. and another Dep't Advance Display, Flaxible transparent Next Generation Display(OLED, AMOLED, Quandum Dot, PeLED, etc). Our research interests focused on dynamics of Lights Emit Display and flaxible film type displays structured Graphene, Fullerene, and CNT based nanostructures grown by related technologies.

Korea Robocom  (코리아 로보컴)

Korea Robocom (코리아 로보컴)

Robots, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and 4th Industrial Revolution are coming into our lives more than ever before and have the potential to transfrom healthcare, transport, mass-comunication, leisure, manufacturing, medical, even our domestic chores. KOREA ROBO COM (Humanoid Robots) consists of Division of Robot ( Industrial Robots, Service Robot, Medical Robots ), Division of AI ( VR, AR), Division of IoT ( Internet of Things ), Division of Self-drive control systems, Division of 4th Industrial Revolution, Division of 5-sensing Sensor and each Reseach Center.

Korea Green Energy (코리아 그린에너지)

Korea Green Energy (코리아 그린에너지)

KOREA GREEN ENERGY consists of Division of Photovoltaics and Solar cell at nanoscale (Solar Power system), Division of Windpower, Division of Energy storage systems ( Battery ), & Division of Renewable energy for environment, Division of Fuel cell et, Division of energy Self-Control System, Our Research Center interests focuse on dynamics of charge exchange and excit on dynamics in photoactive materials . -- CNT, Graphene, etc .

 Korea Bio-Medi (한국 바이오-의료- 생명과학)

Korea Bio-Medi (한국 바이오-의료- 생명과학)

Korea Bio-Medi Division ranges from the medical applications of nanomaterials and biological de vices, to nanoelectronic biosensors and molecular nanotechnology (biological machines). Division of Bio-Nanomedicine is the next wave of advancements in the Healthcare, Targeted drug delivery, nanocarriers and therapeutics, Toxicology and risk assessment, Cancer diagnosis & therapy, Microfluidics in nano- biology, Bio-nanocatalysis, Bio-organic & inorganic chemistry and application, 3D characterization, simuller medicine, Lab-on-a-chip, Detection of Lung, Brain and Breast cancer, and Biological & Medical nanodevices and Biosensors. etc.

[KANM]  Korea Nano-Materials (한국 나노소재)

[KANM] Korea Nano-Materials (한국 나노소재)

Korea Nano-Materials research takes a materials science-based approach to nanotechnology, as Optics, Magnetics, Photonics, Plasmonics Chemical, Physical and Electronic systems : size range from approximately 1 nm to 100nm, Nanomaterials use to Nanoelectronics, Bio-Medical and Medicine, Green energy, NG Display, Health care, Robots, Sensors, IoT, AI, Home smart, Taxtile, and 4th Industrial Revolution, through nanofabri cation, nanoprocessing, and nano manufacturing, with Synthesis, Cha racterization and Functionalization of CNT, Graphene, Fullerenes and nanoparticles, et.

Fhyeonixs De-fence Sy'tm  (피닉스방산시스템)

Fhyeonixs De-fence Sy'tm (피닉스방산시스템)

KOREA Defense Weapon System will focus on the development of magic & strategic weapons and applied nanotechnologies through the Korea Nanotronics, Nanomaterials, Green energy, Robocom, AI, VR(AR) & Drone, one research of the Korea Nanotechnology Group by the new technologies. Range from Ground, Marine & Submarine weapon sys'm through Aerospace, Rocket, Aircraft & Missile systems to Information, Communication & Electronic War face Device, and Equipment, etc. WE will forward to become a world lead ing the strategic weapon maker for peace of the world based on recre ative and innovation.

About  the Korea Nanotechnology  Group  - --       - - - (주) 코리아 나노그룹 ----

About the Korea Nanotechnology Group - -- - - - (주) 코리아 나노그룹 ----

Korea Nanotechnology Group have established in South Korea, 2010. We will products Next Generation Electronics(Nanotronics), Semiconductor(nano based Multilayer), Display (AMOLED, OLED, QLED, Wearable, Flexible), Advance Material (CNT, Graphene, Fullerene), Humanoid Robots ( AI, AR, VR & IoT), Green Energy ( Solra cell, Fuel cell, Battery ) & Bio-Medicine (DNA, RNA, Cancer) & Medical (Robodoc, Davinchi ), Advanced Defence Equipment ( Aero-plane, Tank, )and theirs Accesory with Advance Nanotechnology based. ( CNT & Graphene. Flerence, etc). - - - - - - - - - - - Our Dreams come True !!!

Korea Nanotechnology Centrol Reseach Center

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Nano-Materials Reseach Center
Nano-Materials Reseach Center
Nano-Materals ,
Nanotronics Reseach Center
Nanotronics Reseach Center
Eletronics & Displays ,
Bio-Madi  Reseach Center
Bio-Madi Reseach Center
Biology & Madical , Medicine ,
Robot & AI  Reserch Center
Robot & AI Reserch Center
Robot, AI, IoT, Smart , 4th Industry Revolution

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                    Welcome to visit homepage of  The KOREA Nanotechnology  Group (KNG) !                                                          

  We (Korea nanotechnology group) are one of the world’s leading nanotechnology research group.   Focusing on the development of Nanotechnology for Nanosensor, Semi-conductor, Display, Humanoid robt, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Regenerated Green Energy, Bio-Nanomedicine, Nano-Material and 4th Industrial Revolution. :

Nanotechnology !  

Coming into our lives more than ever before and have the potential to transform Healthcare, transport, manufacturing, even our domestic chores.

Our Group consists of  6 Divisions of companies  :

.   KOREA  NANOTECH  Co,Ltd <코리아 나노텍(주) > :   Nano-product and R&D Equipment of  CNT, Graphene, and  CVD, – etc.

♦.   KOREA  NANOMATERIALS  Co,Ltd < 한국 신소재(주) >  :   CNT, Graphene, Wearable & Flexile, –etc.

♦.   KOREA  NANOTRONICS  Co,Ltd < (주) 코리아 나노트로닉스 >  :      Flexible Semiconductor,Transister, Display. 

♦.   KOREA  GREENENERGY  Co,Ltd < (주) 코리아 그린에너지 > : Solar cell, Energy storage sy’m, CO2 conversion

♦.   KOREA  BIO-MEDI  Co,Ltd < 한국 바이오-의료과학 > :   Biology, Nano-medicals & Medicine, RNA & DNA, etc

♦.   KOREA  ROBOCOM  Co,Ltd < (주) 코리아 로보컴 > :  AI, IoT, Robot, 4th IR, Smart-home,city,factory,Self-driving

♦.   PHYEONIX  DEFENCED  SYSTEMS  Co,Ltd <피닉스 방어시스템즈> : Aero-craft, Air-space, Rocket, -etc-.

…or something like this:


The KOREA Nanotechnology Group  was founded in 2010, and has been researching  Graphene and CNT to the public ever since.   and Located in Gimhae City, South Korea, Our Group employs over 100 people and does all kinds of awesome things for the Group community.


Your  DREAM  come  True  !

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